Previously, additional charges calculation will include shipping price. For example, for items worth RM10, and shipping price at RM10, additional charges will use items and shipping as base of calculation.

Old calculation:

(Subtotal + Shipping) x Charge Percent + Charge Amount = Charge

(RM10 + RM10) x 0.05 + RM1 = RM2

New calculation:

Subtotal x Charge Percent + Charge Amount = Charge

RM10 x 0.05 + RM1 = RM1.50

This is good for customers, as they didn't have to bear high charges if their shipping fee is high. The reason we use previous calculation is because previously, we are using payment gateway that levied fee based on total price, and not flat fee. Now we have the option to use payment gateway that charge a flat fee.

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