Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Maynuu?

Maynuu is an online menu system. Maynuu aims to make online ordering as simple as possible for customers, as well as for businesses.

How Maynuu can help my business?

Maynuu provides an online menu with payment gateway and delivery service to help you start accepting online orders, and fulfilling them, all in one place.

How is Maynuu different than other ecommerce solutions?

Maynuu is a plug-and-play delivery system with integrated payment. Maynuu is optimized for menus. Your online menu might have a lot of menu items, and under each items, you might have addon items, or options. Maynuu also simplify the checkout process, requiring only essential personal details, and skipping the need for registration or login altogether.

Is Maynuu for me?

Maynuu is for businesses who want to accept online ordering and make on-demand fulfillment, similar to delivery marketplaces. If you use WhatsApp to receive orders, we provide similar workflow, but enhance it with bells and whistles of an ecommerce shop.

Why should I use Maynuu instead of other existing marketplace?

When you list yourself on other marketplaces, you are competing with other brands similar to yours. They usually take up to 40% of the revenue, in turn you will have to increase your prices, to cover the commission, but still low enough to stay competitive. It’s a delicate situation for businesses, customers, and marketplace. With Maynuu, the shop is yours. We don’t dictate your pricing, your fulfillment, or your integrations. Think of Maynuu as your Shopify shop instead of Amazon or Ebay.

How much does Maynuu costs?

For the time being, we don’t charge registration fee or upfront payments. We take small commission on orders that use our payment gateway integration. Contact us to discuss more.

What Maynuu is not?

Maynuu is not a marketplace. Or at least, not yet. Therefore, you need to be aware that Maynuu is just like other ecommerce shops, you need to direct your existing traffic, and customer base to your shop.

Is there any limit Maynuu poses on this system?

We don’t put limits to number of items, categories, or orders. You can have any number of these resources in your shop, as long as it’s reasonable for your usage. The rest is based on your subscription.

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