Seamless and Automated Delivery.

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Our delivery integration will let you focus on what what you do best. Just monitor your dashboard, our faithful robots will update all on-going delivery status in real time.

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Integrated Delivery Partners


One link to monitor status and live location of delivery partner. View complete delivery partner information, for customer peace of mind.

  • Photo
  • Plate Number
  • Phone Number
  • Name

Order Status

All order status are displayed at bottom, so customer can be extra assured of stage of their order.

  • Order submitted time
  • Order acceptance time
  • Order preparing time
  • Order received time
Live status

Driver Info

Walter White ABC 1234


  • Created
  • Submitted
  • Accepted
  • Processing
  • Assigning
  • Reassign Lalamove

  • Switch to MrSpeedy

  • Switch to Bungkusit

  • Switch to IYD Xpress

  • Manual Delivery

Switch between Deliveries

No need to worry about limited delivery partner, use any delivery fleets on our offering, just by turning on a switch. No additional accounts needed. No additional cost for price difference.

In-house Delivery Rates

Already have your own in-house delivery? Create your own delivery rates based on distance. We use Google Maps API to calculate accurate driving distance.

Café In-house Rate

  • 0 - 3km$5
  • 3 - 6km$7
  • 6 - 9km$9
  • 9 - 12km$11
  • 12 - 15km$13

Manage Fleet with DelyvaX

Need complete fleet management? Maynuu comes integrated with DelyvaX, the only comprehensive delivery fleet management in South-East Asia. Visit Delyva website for more information.

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