Greetings business owners, 

Good news! We have finally implemented Table QR Ordering, as well as Table Reservation with Online Payment. With these feature, your customers ordering experience will be smoother than ever. What's even better is, the fee for online payment is only 1% (not including payment gateway fee).

How it work is, you create the tables in Maynuu dashboard, and it will generate a QR code, as well as an image where you can print out and put on the table. Your customer will scan this, and automatically assigned to the table. Then, they checkout as usual, and it will appear in your dashboard, the same where you accept delivery & self-pickup orders.

Here'a a flow of how your customer will go through:

  1. Customer will scan the Table QR with their phone camera
  2. Fill up their personal details to secure the table
  3. Choose menu items and proceed to checkout
  4. Make payment online, or pay cash (pay at counter)

With Table QR Ordering with Online Payment, you are eliminating a lot of manual workflow, such as:

  • Waiter need to jot down the order from customer
  • Customer need to call waiter for menu book
  • Customer need to go to counter to pay cash
  • Cashier need to handle cash payment from customer

Your customer can now order, pay, and enjoy the food without much effort or waiting time. Try it out today by going to the Outlet page in your dashboard, and look for four squares icon on the right.