And how Maynuu can help.

These days online solutions seem to pop up faster than toadstools after rain. Picking the right one can turn into a right old headache. But hold that Panadol, we're here to help.

In this guide, we'll examine three challenges restaurateurs face online. And how Maynuu builds better ecommerce websites with you in mind.

So, why do most online tools suck at meeting the needs of restaurants?

  1. They don't know their fork from their knife
  2. They don't make you money while you sleep
  3. You don't have full control


They don't know their fork from their knife

There are thousandssss of website builders and ecommerce solutions. But as you'll have discovered by now, most of these online tools are not built for hospitality. They're built for general use. Even the ones that have a "restaurant template" do a poor job of it. It's likely because the developers are people who have never worked a day inside a restaurant.

Maynuu is the only one built especially for restaurants
Like Razer's "For Gamers. By Gamers.™", Maynuu is "For Restaurateurs. By Restaurateurs." Yes, it's a little more wordy but you get the drift.

"We're hyper-focused on restaurants. Maynuu started out as a simple solution for my brother's café back in 2020," says Wafiq Rodzuan. Wafiq is the founder and CEO of Maynuu. Other than his brother, he talked to dozens of restaurateurs to find out what they need for ecommerce.

"Every feature we create is to make sure online ordering is a piece of cake - for both the restaurant and the customer. Reservations, delivery, and on-premise ordering must all work hand-in-hand. We also integrate payment processors and third-party logistics so you don't have to."

"Most platforms put the end-customer first. At Maynuu, we put the restaurant first. Without restaurants, there will be no food delivery, no online ordering. Restaurants are the lifeblood of the food tech industry. It only makes sense to build things that serve you first and foremost."

They don't make you money while you sleep 

Most restaurant websites are nothing more than glamourised brochures.

"Your restaurant website is your 24-hour salesperson," says Aaron D'Cruz. Aaron owned a restaurant for 13 years and is now Maynuu's General Manager.

"Your website should be raking in the bucks while you catch your Zzz's." 

People love late-night online shopping. But how to keep your cash register ringing while you rest up for the night? Some quick ideas:

But how? You don't have time to learn how to code. You don't have the budget for an expensive designer. And you most certainly don't have the luxury to wait weeks for a developer to integrate that feature you asked for.

Luckily, Maynuu offers ready-to-use tools. Making your website is as easy as pie. The end result is as alluring as a fine dinner with wine. Everything is just a click or drag 'n' drop away.

Maynuu websites also generate traffic with our built-in SEO algorithm. With more traffic, there is a higher chance of converting visitors into customers. Research shows that website visitors are double that of actual walk-ins.

"Restaurants often overlook their online presence, focusing only on their physical space," says Aaron. "Imagine the increased customer base that a well-managed website could bring!"

You don't have full control

No two days are ever the same in a restaurant. Heck, no two hours are ever the same!

Items are 86'd, menus change, specials rotate weekly, seasons come and go. 
Many restaurant sites look outdated because it's too cumbersome to make changes. Or the agency you hired takes forever to reply or make the needed updates.

At Maynuu, we understand how busy you are. Our dashboard is as intuitive as it gets. We've made it quick and easy to update your menu, photos, specials, events, and more.

"Our motto is Selling Made Simple. Creating and updating your website should not be an uphill task. As such, we have a wide range of users - from marketing mavens to 60-year-old restaurateurs. They appreciate the simplicity of our interface," says Wafiq. 

"You do the food. We do the tech," Aaron chimes in.


It's all about extending hospitality online and offline. 

Are there challenges? Yes.
Are they insurmountable? No. 

We've cultivated a special blend of savvy tech and restaurant know-how. Think of Maynuu as your very own online Swiss Army Knife. Use it to carve out a slice of the digital market - without getting your apron in a twist. 

With Maynuu as your digital sous chef, no hour remains sour and no profit feels shy. The only thing you will be sorting is a barrage of online reservations and orders.

Snippet of a merchant's Maynuu dashboard showing the different types of orders for the day.


So here's the bottom line: get your restaurant powered by Maynuu. You'll be running this fast-paced online food race like a well-oiled machine. This leaves you more time to do what you love - creating amazing food experiences. After all, who said you can't have your cake and eat it too?


We use the term 'restaurant' throughout the article for consistency. However this guide can be generally applied to any type of food shop, including but not limited to: bakeries, bars, bistrots, boulangeries, butcheries, cafés, cantinas, caterers, coffeeshops, delis, diners, eateries, food trucks, grocers, patisseries, pubs, and more.


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